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Vampires Playing Baseball in Twilight Movie

Ever wonder what it's like if Vampires played baseball? Well if you watch the first Twilight back in 2008, you kind of got an idea! Edward Cullen is super fast, Alice Cullen can throw over 100mph, and Esme Cullen can hit a baseball a mile away. If someone was to make a baseball field for Vampires, they would have to make it 10x the human size. Would be rather interesing wouldn't it? Well here's the scene of the Cullen family playing baseball in the movie Twilight, with teen heart throbs Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Mario Baseball Cartoon

I have to say I'm a sucker for baseball cartoons, they are so cool looking. I'm thinking about making a collage of baseball cartoons and hang it up on my bedroom wall. It will give me something to look forward to every time I wake up and maybe give me some luck for my baseball game ahead of me. That's when I get on a baseball league for next year.

Currier & Ives Print of Early Baseball Game

Baseball history photo: Currier & Ives print of early Baseball game. Legend reads, “The American National Game of Baseball. Grand match for the championship at the Elysian Fields, Hoboken, N.J.” Click photo to return to previous page.

I Love Baseball Picture

A great picture to have on your desktop to show you the love of the baseball game.

Baseball Cartoon Picture

Checkout this cool picture of baseball cartoon. Another great way to make baseball even more fun, is to collect neat little pictures like this.

Crazy Pitcher’s Baseball Arm

It's pretty crazy to see a pitcher's arm in slow motion isn't it? Checkout this picture I got of this Japanese picture Hideo Nomo, it's so extreme to see his pitching arm bend like this. I guess that's where the speed comes in, the bending of the arm and rubber band ligaments. It's like the whip across the air like a rubber band. It's truly an amazing sight to see, got to love this game of baseball.

Baseball Bat Comparison: Aluminum and Wood

This is an awesome picture that gives us a break down of the elements in a baseball bat, comparing each bat from wood to aluminum. Be honest with you, once I changed to wood I immediately like it better than aluminum. It feels better and also gives me a better grip on the ball. While aluminum will drive the ball farther, I tend to get more pop u ups in the air and I don't like the pop it gives my hands. Wood tends to absorb more of the sting, even if you hit it close to the handle. Personally I think all leagues, even when it comes to little league should switch to wooden baseball bats for safety. Baseball players such as pitchers have found out that they have very little time to react from when the ball is thrown and hits the aluminum bat. People have suffered broken bones and died because of aluminum bats.

For Love of the Game with Kevin Costner

For love of the game was a great movie, I'm surprised it didn't get better reviews on on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. The baseball movie had a totally different twist to it. Something that was unexpected when I first started to watch the movie. The movie is about Billy Chapel, a seasoned pro baseball pitcher that is about to have his perfect pitching game, while he goes back through all his important memories with his girlfriend. When she's about to leave him, he stops her and they fall back in love again. It's a kind of sad baseball movie, while still very inspirational.

Fantasy Baseball League

When it comes to things such as fantasy baseball league, I just never got hooked. But for other baseball fans out there, it's been a big part of their day to day lives. That's good, it brings friends and family together, something that is good for the heart. Me I got hooked on baseball games such as Major League Baseball 2K10. Maybe one day I can catch onto the hot hobby that has hit households everywhere.

Alex Rodriguez hits 3 Home Runs against the Royals

Third basemen Alex Rodriguez has just hit three home runs in the last game against Kansas City Royals. The baseball game ended up in a 8 to 3 win over the Royals. Even though Rodriguez tested for steroids a year or so ago, fans still seem to be cheering him on. I for one am happy for him, it's hard to hit three home runs in a baseball game!