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Sandlot Baseball Movie

When it comes to movies, I know my baseball movies! One I would like to mention that is great for the whole family is the Sandlot. Even though it doesn't have some really huge actors in it, the acting was phenomenal. I'm 28 now and I still love to watch the baseball movie every few months. The comedy was great!

Well I won’t be Playing Baseball this Year

Well I know I might of mentioned about joining a baseball league this summer in another post, but it looks like it won't be happening due to financial problems. My girlfriend just lost her job and it looks like I will be helping her out. Family comes first, that doesn't mean I can't start training for next year.

Already I've been doing some long tosses at a local baseball park near my house. I'm trying to really strengthen my arm for pitching next year. A few months ago I threw pretty hard at the park, but my shoulder was sore for like four months after that day. Just shows me that my arm is not ready for pitching.

So hopefully doing some muscle exercises for my shoulder muscles and some long tosses, I'll be ready for next year. The summer is already over with, it seems like it zoomed by pretty fast. I didn't get to do a lot of things I planned to do, kind of sucks, one of them was baseball! I guess there's always next year right...

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Robert Redford in The Natural: Greatest Baseball Movie

Whatever sport you've played in your life, you've probably seen "The Natural" baseball movie with Robert Redford. It was such a popular movie, I remember my teacher in High School playing it in class for us. It's by far a four star movie, every actor gave a superb performance: Robert Redford, Kim Basinger, and Robert Duvall.

The most memorable part in the movie is at the end, when Robert Redford crushes a home run into the lights and sparks fly all around the field. It was just the best ending a director could of ever gave baseball movie. I've always dreamed of having a career like Roy Hobbs, but my dreams have been crushed after seeing the way major league baseball is run today. Before it was natural and only the best played, now money power, greed, and steroids run the game.

Cal Ripken, Jr. Best Shortstop Baseball Player Ever

One of my favorite baseball players is Cal Ripken Jr., I still think he is the best shortshtop player ever. He earned the nickname "Iron Man" for remaining in the lineup despite all the numerous injuries he had in his baseball carrier. He is perhaps best known for breaking New York Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played, a record many deemed unbreakable. Cal also played third base as well, to have Cal Ripken's rookie baseball card would be very cool to have.

Adam Dunn Three Home Runs

Adam Dunn just became the second player in team history to hit three home runs in a baseball game. This three run homer help defeat the Padres 7-6 at Nationals Park on Wednesday night. The first inning both teams were tied, until Adam Dunn crushed right hander Jon Garland's 1-0 pitch. The last member of the Nationals to hit three home run in a game was Alfonso Soriano in 2006. Congratulations Adam Dunn, you have gone down in baseball history.

Alex Rodriguez Grand Slam

Alex Rodriguez is no longer just climbing the career home run list, he's scaling it a quick pace. He just blasted two home runs at the Oakland Coliseum. He now has 597 for his career, 14 this season and 6 in his last 13 games. The first one at the Oakland Coliseum was a grand slam, crushing Oakland's right handed pitcher Trevor Cahills streak of not allowing a home run five games. He should reach 600 home runs pretty soon!

Vladimir Guerrero is Back

Vlad is back, got that right! Say what you want about snubs, Vladimir Guerrero is right where he belongs.

Albert Pujols takes on the Lightning Round

Checkout this great inside report on Albert Pujols, the baseball pro takes on the lightning round.'s Maggie Gray fires off questions to three-time NL MVP Albert Purjols, who talks about which of his teammates can dance and what he would do for a job if he wasn't playing baseball.

Texas Rangers Fan Hospitalized

Texas Ranger's fan Tyler Morris just fell from the upper deck to he lower deck trying to catch a foul baseball. The estimated fall was 30 feet, Tyler Morris ended up suffering fractures to his skull, foot and ankle. To get Tyler Morris in high spirits Rangers team president Nolan Ryan visited him in the hospital arriving with several pieces of Rangers memorabilia, including a bat autographed by Josh Hamilton, a ball autographed by Vladimir Guerrero and the ball that Morris was attempting to catch when he fell.