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Well I won’t be Playing Baseball this Year

Well I know I might of mentioned about joining a baseball league this summer in another post, but it looks like it won't be happening due to financial problems. My girlfriend just lost her job and it looks like I will be helping her out. Family comes first, that doesn't mean I can't start training for next year.

Already I've been doing some long tosses at a local baseball park near my house. I'm trying to really strengthen my arm for pitching next year. A few months ago I threw pretty hard at the park, but my shoulder was sore for like four months after that day. Just shows me that my arm is not ready for pitching.

So hopefully doing some muscle exercises for my shoulder muscles and some long tosses, I'll be ready for next year. The summer is already over with, it seems like it zoomed by pretty fast. I didn't get to do a lot of things I planned to do, kind of sucks, one of them was baseball! I guess there's always next year right...